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How Harmful are Floaters in your Vision?

It is very common to see floating dots or strands in your vision. This sort of floaters is more common for those with short-sightedness. There are many who are seeing these since their birth! When you see these for a long period of time, your brain gets used to them and ends up ignoring them. According to the leading opticians in Mauritius and elsewhere, one or two floaters are quite harmless.

Sometimes, the gel that helps your vision is the reason you see these things. These shift their location the moment you align your vision to see them directly. When you are looking at the sky during the day, or at a pale coloured surface, you are more likely to see them. Now, with age, the number of floaters you see may increase slightly. That is quite normal.

Floaters in the Eye | Optical Care center in Mauritius | Eye care center at Port Louis | Optical care

What is not normal is when there is a sudden, drastic increase in the number of floaters. That can be after a direct blow to the eye due to trauma. There is another worrying bit when you see large, new floaters all of a sudden. Or you see flashes of light along with these things. These are symptoms are usually related to a possible retinal detachment.  

The opticians in Mauritius says that these floaters occur because the gel in your eyes, technically termed vitreous humour, shrinks with age. This gel disintegrates into collagen tendrils and watery fluid drops. These are what you see in the form of floaters, the tendrils showing as floating strands while the drops appear as dots.

As we mentioned earlier, floaters are not uncommon. For those with short-sightedness and for people who have had eye surgery, there is an increase in the chances of seeing them. They can also be the precursor to eye problems like retinal detachment. This causes the retina to pull away from the eye, leading to a sharp increase in the number of floaters and you may even see a large floating black spot in your vision. This spot will probably never go away.

In such cases, you need to consult the leading eye specialist in Mauritius immediately because you need treatment to the eyes. Before you reach such a stage, there does not appear to be any cause to worry about floaters.

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