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Seiko Super Resistant Blue

Our world is digital. For business and leisure we use several screens such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, PCs, TVs, LCDs and LED displays every day. Therefore, more and more people complain about strained and dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, tiredness as well as neck and shoulder pain. The new finish SEIKO SuperResistantBlue (SRB) blocks the high energy blue spectral range of digital displays and the artificial light emitted by LEDs. It relieves the wearers’ eyes noticeably and enhances their visual comfort.

Why SEIKO SuperResistantBlue is recommended?
• Improved high-contrast vision
• Less glare due to a reduction of blue diffused light
• More relaxed vision prevents tired eyes
• Excellent performance characteristics due to HardCoat, SuperCleanCoat, reflex reduction and antistatic properties