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3D printed Monoqool Frame in Mauritius available now at i2i Optical

Innovation has made our visions clearer and simpler. And when a harder concept of technology is put to make something simpler, that’s when it becomes a worthwhile purchase. Monoqool introduces a completely new innovation working with the latest 3D printing technology. And this eyewear is a game changer in the modern eyewear industry. The new Monoqool frame is made of 3D printing and it is the lightest and thinnest 3D printed eyewear and glass in the world. The technology infused Monoqool frame in Mauritius is the new thing to have a look at. Well, it’s available in the most popular eyewear store and sunglass shop in Mauritius, the i2i optical.

Monoqool frame is the epitome of clever innovation. It is the one of the most innovative eyewear company in the world building the thinnest 3D printed frames. The Monoqool frame has no screws and has no chances of screws falling out which mostly happens with most of the eyewear. The designs are initially framed digitally which are then 3D printed consisting of as many as 400 layers per frames made out of polyamide powders. Then the glasses undergo many processes like glass blasting. It’s then polished with stones to give it a nice smooth finish which is dyed in colours that meets high fashion of today’s trends. The best thing about 3D printing process is that the remaining polyamide powders can be reused and make more fashionable Monoqool 3D printed frames.

The clever innovative hinge system makes the Monoqool 3D fames a hassle-free wearable eyewear. The frames are extremely lightweight and weighs in between 4 to 6 grams only. These ultra-thin frames are not only hard and robust, but are also comfortable for the eyes. Moreover, it’s easy to adjust and easy to put on.

Speaking of its fashion quotient, the Monoqool 3D frames and collections has been carrying its Danish design heritage. The new smart eyewear has the touch of the Danish design tradition; hence the ultimate look is very elegant, modern and can be worn in any and every type of occasion. From office works, to business meets and from every day wear to a fancy party, you can even experiment with your look with these ultra-light, ultra-thin 3D frames. And if you are in Mauritius, you can easily hop into i2i optical is one of the famous optometrist in Mauritius and buy yourself a pair of cool Monoqool frame in Mauritius.

The wide range of collection is ready to confuse you with choices. Monoqool comes with Slider series, IQ mini series and IQ series. Both the eyewear and sunglasses are available for ladies, men and unisex styles. The 3D printing technology has proven its credibility by offering wide range of shapes in the collection. Variant shapes like round, rectangular, square, oval, panto, oval, spectacular, aviator are on the display. Even sizes are available from extra small to extra-large, which is a big brownie point for Monoqool to be accessible to the people of all sizes and shapes. Modern colours are infused with the high tech innovation to create every type of look. Colours in black, brown, blue, charcoal grey, green, red and even nude is in the option.

Monoqool frames, eyewear and sunglass collection are all set to bring in the big impression. It has already brought innumerable happy customers on their list. These innovative and unique pieces can change the entire look and can also bring out the inner you. Grab yourself Monoqool 3D printed frames from the store. If you are in Mauritius, then Monoqool frame in Mauritius is easily available in i2i optical, Mauritius. So without any delay, give your eyes a pair of clever innovation!

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